Magical Days

While this is not about farmers union travels, it is indeed about adventures on the road.

Sometimes you just have a perfect day! The weather fits your mood and everything in your own little world works out great. Yesterday was one of those days for me and my family. My dad turned 55 and because he is the only member of the family with a summer birthday he gets the biggest celebration. The festivities were in Aberdeen this year, what could beat storybook land then a water park? My nephew Jaxon had quite an adventure at the water park, hesitantly putting his face in the water then quickly reverting back to air. Dad had a great day, especially on the super speed enchanted yellow slide and pit maneuvering during the go-kart races, especially dominating Nate, my sister Victoria’s husband.

If only more days could be spent with family and the sun during the summer,and not in the office.


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  1. Love your pictures, but who couldn’t love that family. Ha! Sure was a great time, would have been better if I didn’t have to worry about James (Dad) losing his glasses. MOM

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