Strudels! Strudels! Strudels!

Beautiful home, check! Gracious hosts, check! Amazing food and wine, check! NDFU women learning and having fun, check!

The excitement of learning how exactly to make strudels was very bittersweet for me, it has always been something I’ve wanted to do, but with my Grandma. She passed away this past January and I never got the chance. However, this event offered the perfect opportunity to learn the sheer skill of strudel making.

Eight ladies from Logan County  gathered at the Wolf residence near Dawson to learn from the expert Adeline the delicate process of making strudels. The wine and fellowship were great, but the best part was the food sampling, lots of down home german cooking. Three young future NDFU members were also there, three babies under six months. The house was full of cheer and laughter!

Needless to say even after two and a half hours I am still NOT a strudel maker, but when the winters get cold and time frees up I have a great recipe to follow and a phone number to call for help. Even though she couldn’t teach me, I think Grandma will lend a helping hand once I give it a shot again.


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