Endless Devistation

Minot needs help, my help, your help, your neighbor’s kids’ help, any way shape or form help is welcome. Pictures do not do that city justice. As you drive through the war zone of the affected area it is breathtaking, without realizing it  your jaw drops and you forget how to breathe, the damage is so awful. The debris in the area that was flooded is endless, and the area isn’t just a small cluster it’s streets upon streets upon streets, entire neighborhoods just washed out. “For Sale” signs are in windows, spray painted on gutted houses and around every corner. The only way to describe it is endless devastation.

Yesterday, NDFU took about fifteen people up to help gut out a home. We started at ten in the morning and finished around three, and it took about twenty of us. We got the entire downstairs gutted. The homeowner was so grateful she began crying as we left, which in turn caused many of us to start. Before we had arrived it was just her and her family working on it for about five hours a day/five days a week. Can you imagine working that much and just feeling discouraged because there is so much to do? Her name was Bridget, mother of four children, who works at a hospital and helped put all of her children through Minot state. She still manages to be an optimist. She lost nearly everything in the flood and yet she said “Well items can be replaced, I am very grateful that my family is safe and sound.” Amazing. Always hopeful, always smiling.

As we drove through the devastated neighborhoods, I noticed that despite the debris, garbage and equipment, you could see the green grass popping up and coming through. It was a signal of hope. Hope that despite all of the water, the grass will grow again someday, hope that when things appear terrible they will get better and hope that this community will slowly and surely heal and grow. I encourage everyone to send food, money and items, but if you have the time go to Minot and lend your time. Volunteers are desperately needed, be a good citizen of ND, like North Dakota Farmers Union, and go help muck!


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