Women’s Equality Day

What an uplifting experience! Today at the Capitol a swarm of purple gathered to celebrate the 91st anniversary of the 19th amendment, giving women the right to vote. The march continued down to Boulevard Ave to 7th and back up 9th. I was thrilled to spend the day with two incredible women, Arlene Olson and Ellen Lindermen. Arlene and Ellen represent leadership of women at its finest. Both have served on the Board of Directors for North Dakota Farmers Union (Ellen is currently on the board), ran for the legislature, been small business owners as farmers, managed to have children and raise a family. I feel incredibly lucky to have them as mentors and friends.

Before we began the march, we each received a name of a woman who fought hard for the right to vote. I got Anna Elizabeth Dickinson. I found out she was a Quaker, who was an avid fighter for women’s rights and to abolish slavery. She was a teacher and the first women to ever speak in front of the U.S. Congress, where she received a standing ovation in 1864. She was an incredible speaker, drawing a crowd of over 5,000 in NYC to advocate for political candidates who supported abolishing slavery and women’s rights.

I never knew of Anna before today, I owe her alot. I owe all of the brave women who marched, fought, starved, got kicked down, pushed around and forever kept getting up and continuing the fight. My favorite is still Alice Paul, everyone should check out Iron Jawed Angels.

So women reading this, get involved. Pay attention, get educated about candidates and most importantly vote. Vote because it is your right, your duty to your country and you owe it to so many women who were not given the opportunity before you.

Go vote, because you can!



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2 responses to “Women’s Equality Day

  1. Ellen Linderman

    It’s always inspirational to be with others who really care, not only about each other, but also about the future of our state and country. There are so many stories of women who have gone before us that we should be aware of. They not only show us the sacrifices that they have made to get us to where we are, but I think they also show us what still needs to be done if we but have the courage to face the challenge just as they did.

  2. Now I am sorry that I didn’t accept your invitation to come along. I will do a better job of rearranging things so that I can be at the next event you attend. Please don’t stop inviting me. Keep up the awesome way you work in and for this world.

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