Climbing to New Heights

What a Saturday! Carla and I got the pleasure of taking the NDFU rock climbing wall to Maddock to help celebrate in the Renaissance Day festivities. Small town “days” are by far the most fun. It’s a chance to see familiar faces, as well as reconnect with people you may not have had a chance to see in a while. The whole town came alive. Great food, fun and festivities.

The day started with pancakes, sausage and visiting with Milton. Milton is by far the sweetest most caring man that I have ever met. They rarely, if ever, make men like him anymore. He was the most gracious host I have ever encountered and absolutely insisted on doing everything he could to help and always saying how thankful he was that Carla and I brought up the rock wall.

It started out a bit cold, windy and slow, but soon enough the sun was out, coats were off and lines were formed. Over 200 children climbed the wall that day. Their laughter and excitement to climb the wall, again and again, lit up Milton’s face like the 4th of July. He was so happy to just be a part of the fun. He was incredibly enthusiastic when the line for the wall was so long we had to separate it, forming at least two, one for people who have already gone and one for people who were first timers.

So if you ever get a chance take a stab at the wall, it could be fun, a neat way to try something new and if you ever get a chance to meet Milton let him know how your experience was. He’d absolutely love it!


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