On the Road Again

It is officially deep into county annual meeting season. October kicks off my favorite part of the year, membership plans become a reality. The first step of this plan is survival.Until the State convention hits, which is Nov. 18 & 19 in Bismarck at the Ramkota, I will be attending 11 county annual meetings stretching from Williston to Adams to Elgin and a few stops in between. Also on the agenda includes three DDC classes and some Farm Bill meetings in between.

Monday night I was in german country in Napoleon. I love going to Napoleon, it somehow feels like home. The people are always so welcoming and excited to have a farmers union event. The downtowner hosted the LCFU event and a pretty good turnout. Jason and Tonya won the trip, I was at the strudels event with Tonya. She’s a riot. I can’t wait to hang out with her more in Vegas!

This past Wednesday I was in Williston, what an educational experience that was. I, luckily, had driving company and we decided to take 85 up to Williston. Wow, the traffic and never ending trucks are something you can only truly experience first hand. In fact, the one intersection entering into Williston doesn’t even have a traffic light. Really? It is just astounding. One of my passengers said that it can take trucks 45 mins at times just to wait for a chance to turn. Unbelievable, especially it what was once rural North Dakota. The positives and negatives of the boom are many in number.

The annual meeting was great. I met another fantastic Gary, he was friendly and fun. He sat beside me and introduced me to every member that came through the door. Treated me just like his granddaughter. Told me about the county and it’s history and some of the things he has seen throughout the countryside the many years he’s lived there. He also took a lot of guff and sure could dish it out. Man did we have fun at that door prize table. It’s moments with members like Gary that make this job so much fun and so worthwhile. His son John and John’s wife won the trip to Vegas so I look forward to getting to know that couple better. John was also elected to the Williams County board, great leadership into NDFU.

So thanks Gary for making my trip so great! Next week I am off to Gwinner, Pettibone, Forman and Adams. Hope to meet many great folks along the way!!


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