The topic arose Sunday night at the Sargent county annual meeting as a dire concern from ten year old Joe. Joe had specific examples of the issues that the muskrats were causing and was very upset that not more was being done. It was very exciting to see such a young member of North Dakota Farmers Union sharing their thoughts so vocally, it’s a promising future. Joe was one of four children in attendance at the meeting, him and his two brothers and sister. They were definitely the life of the party. Joe walked in and greeted me with, “Well, the corn’s done being combined.” Mr. Farmer to a tee. He is even dressing up as a farmer for Halloween. When I asked why a farmer if he’s already a farmer he informed me, “Well, I’ll be wearing bibs. I don’t normally do that.” I got my answer.

His two little brothers and sister were quite entertaining also. His sister drew the names for the door prizes and as I was leaving asked me if I could come be her babysitter sometime. That made my whole week and it wasn’t even Monday yet. Bringing children along should be a more welcome event. They bring a different aspect to the table and keep everyone on their toes. Also, no one would’ve said anything about muskrats if Joe hadn’t been there.

Sargent County also displayed a trait that is rarely seen anywhere in the political realm, respect. Roger is the president of Sargent county farmers union and is running for District 7 State Director. Ben Vig from Steele county is also running for that same spot. Ben came to the meeting to give his “campaign” speech and Roger welcomed him with open arms. Ben gave his speech and Roger gave his, and neither speech tore down the other person, they even sat across the table from one another and had a conversation. I am so thankful to be part of an organization where candidates talk about their vision for the future, rather than their opponents downfalls. It’s respect for the other person as a human being and as a candidate.

In Kidder county last night I had the pleasure of meeting Judy, she is one of my friend’s sister and she is a riot! Michelle, the youth director, was there too and wow what a dynamic duo. After my presentation they asked if I could do a wine tasting event in Kidder county! Both Judy and Michelle were elected to the Kidder County Farmers Union board last night, what a great outlook that county has now with these two dynamic young women leaders.

DDC in Forman on Wednesday then Park River in Walsh county on Friday night and Ward county on Sunday. I’ll see you on the road!


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