Treats, not tricks, please

Halloween is the beginning of holiday season. This year was great because there was no snow on the ground, or incredibly cold temperatures. I’ll take 60 on Oct. 31st in North Dakota. My weekend started in Walsh county with a brunch meeting at the Adam’s cafe. Going to Walsh county feels like I am visiting really close family members. After doing a lot of work with the NE area of that state, it always feels great to head up that way. Being greeted with a hug from Mary is always one of my favorite reasons to head up that way :).  The cafe was filled with home cooked breakfast, small town restaurants are always the best. One of the board members brought her grandson, who appeared to be overly shy. He wouldn’t tell me his name, so I started calling him Sally. Well he didn’t appreciate that, so he started calling me Pete. Fair is fair.

On Sunday I headed up to Minot for Ward County’s annual meeting. They had the children parade through the crowd in costume. It was a great way to incorporate the youth into the program. Then they got to go swimming while the rest of us sat through the meeting. Great idea, just wish I was a kid again to take advantage of it. McLean county was last night in Garrison. Wes is always such a great guy to talk to, very welcoming and always has time to talk to everyone.

Obviously the next holiday is NOT thanksgiving, it’s NDFU’s state convention. I am extremely excited this year, as I will actually know a few people at this one :). We have a fun casino night planned for Friday night followed by a DJ, the one we had at the TAG event in June. Then Sat. is torchbearers followed by a comedian/juggler. Make your reservations soon, as the block of rooms has to be let go soon.

Tonight is DDC in Ashley, tomorrow Stutsman County Annual meeting and Friday I’ll be heading down to Elgin. Happy Holidays and see you on the road!



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2 responses to “Treats, not tricks, please

  1. I have just read your last four posts. Wow! I know you spend a whole lot of time on the road, but this gives it a more personal feel. I can’t wait to read about the trip to Ashley. Remember, I am the one you call when the road is long and shall we say wooly. Also please remember to stay out of those “Hippie Traps.” I do want to keep hearing from you. MOM:)

  2. Ashley Roeske

    LOVE it! Can’t wait to read more 🙂

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