Enthusiastic Ethel

As I travel across North Dakota far and wide, I meet a lot of people. Sometimes people remind me of others I met, or someone I already know, but every once and a while I meet someone incredibly unique who stands out and is definitely the beat to a different drum. In McIntosh county that person is Ethel. On Wednesday night I ventured down to  Ashley to teach a DDC class for Kary Lindgren, the Farmers Union Insurance agent down there.

I knew the night was going to be great after I walked over to the hometown cafe and their special was “German night”. Dumplings, potatoes, chicken, knephla and cucumber salad, the works. German cooking in the “German triangle”, I didn’t think it could get much better. I was mistaken.

The crowd started filtering in and Jake in the front row appeared like he was going to be the trouble maker, that was until we did the first exercise. To kick off a DDC class you have to think about the five most important people in your life, then I ask the class what would happen to them if you were killed in a car accident. Ethel appeared, “They’d be rich.” She said to the entire class. I knew it was going to be an interesting night.

During the distracted driving portion, she asked me if driving down the road and putting lipstick was on distracted. I said yes, then she said well I do that all of the time. When asked about pet peeves, she informed me that she hates grandma drivers who go ten miles an hour down main street. I then told her that might be because they are putting their lipstick on, she didn’t appreciate that.

During the seat belt portion she had some serious issues with wearing her seatbelt. Then I told her if she’s going to drive down the road and put on her lipstick it would be safe to do that while wearing a seat belt. She replied with, yeah and I’ll get in a car crash and the seat belt will CUT MY HEAD OFF and my relatives would be rich. The audience roared with laughter. During the test, she informed me that she didn’t need to know this information because that’s why she has had a husband for 50 years.

After everyone left Kary said, well at least she didn’t tell any dirty jokes. Ethel made my night. I hope to see her in Ashley again sometime.


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  1. I love Ethel and I haven’t even met her yet. Hope I get to sometime. Keep up the people stories. They make my day. MOM

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