That’s a Wrap

Last week I ended my streak of travels to every corner of the state, literally. It all ended in Elgin at the Our Place Cafe. You’ll never guess who I met, Jim and Harrold, there is no proof of this, but I believe they are Ethel’s long lost brothers. This is not a joke.

Grant county does a very cool thing, they sponsor their local FFA group to attend the national convention, when they qualify. Then the FFA students come to the annual meeting and give their presentation. Those 17 year old students can give a better presentation then most adults I know. Confident, cool and assured in their message, very incredible young people. FFA is an outstanding organization that develops the leaders of tomorrow.

So Jim and Harrold. I sit down at a table across from Jim because the first thing he said to me when I walked in was, oh she’s from the state office we have to behave. To which I quickly replied, yes and I put troublemakers like you in the corner. He roared. The best part was they spoke German. So they’d talk in German and they look at me and laugh, this whole time I’m smiling and letting them have their fun. Then they asked me where I was from and I said Herreid. Then they said well are you German, to which I replied you bet. They both went pale. Then they asked if I understood and I said, well I grew up listening to my grandma, mom, aunts and great aunt speak it all the time. They looked at each other in horror, both not knowing that I really don’t understand it that well. Needless to say, that was the end of German. Jim even got to draw for the Vegas winner. He was tickled.

On Thursday night, I was in Jamestown at the Stutsman County annual meeting. My former babysitter Claudia from when I was in 1st and 2nd grade was there as well. I enjoyed supper with her and her husband Paul. I love how small North Dakota is, they say the world is six degrees of seperation. I think North Dakota is three. It was a great time and it turns out I live a block from them, I can’t wait to go visit in the near future.

Saturday I traveled to Linton to watch the Lions football team with the family. The team pulled ahead in the 4th quarter, being down the entire game, to win by one. Tonight I am off to Wishek to watch the sister compete for the Regional Championship in volleyball. Go Lions!  Who knows, maybe I’ll see Ethel at the game!

See you on the road.



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