January in Jamestown

Other than a three day trip to Las Vegas for work January has been all about Jamestown. It has been a real treat. It began in the very first week of the new year that the RLND class was in Jamestown, we toured Cavendish, Goodrich, NDFU (of course!) and the new Regional Medical Center. It was so great to “show off” my hometown. Mayor Anderson even stopped in to welcome the group. I remember feeling so enthusiastic to tour places that are part of my hometown and grateful to live in such a wonderful town in North Dakota.

This past week NDFU was host of a Precision Ag Action Summit. Wow, what an educational opportunity. The panelists and speakers talked of great things coming down the line in agriculture, mapping, technology, tracking your farm on your phone, GPS  guidance technologies and many other topics.

Precision agriculture uses satellite images and GPS information to determine the proper applications of farm chemicals, seeds and fertilizers for each portion of a field. It is an evolving science.

My favorite speaker was Lowell Catlett, Futurist and Dean of the College of Agriculture at New Mexico State University, who kept saying “This technology will blow your doors off.” He also did a great job of bridging generational gaps, demonstrating how technology can be embraced at any age.

Carla Edinger, Matthew Leiphon and I had the pleasure of registering all of the participants, overall nearly 250 people attended the event.
The best part was having to run around the building and find more chairs. As an organizer of events I ALWAYS love having that problem.
Then on Monday afternoon Senator Conrad stopped by to talk about the upcoming Farm Bill and the budget crisis in Washington, and how it will affect the future of agriculture.
Overall the event was a great opportunity to meet new people and be educated about the technology possibilities in agriculture. After the Precision Ag Summit, the NDFU Board of Governors began. It was essentially meeting week this past week. What a great opportunity to catch up with the NDFU county presidents and get feedback from them about the event and discuss possibilities for NDFU in the future.
Now it’s off to Minot tomorrow for the first in the many series of shop talks. I am very excited, this is my favorite time of year. Back to the grassroots, to hear, listen and learn. Getting out and visiting with members is the most fun that I have all year.
I’ll see you on the road, probably sooner than later.


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3 responses to “January in Jamestown

  1. Great pictures. I like the lack of chairs thing. I think we were close at a few events when you were somewhat younger. Keep writing, I want to hear more. I also want to join sometime.

    • gz

      Just wanted to say “Happy Birthday!!!” I always have good intentions of sending a really cool card, but never do get aroung to it. Just know that I enjoy your blog and want you to have the happiest birthday ever!! Love and miss you. Your favorite “Great” Aunt!!

  2. Thanks Glenda!! Love and miss you! Hope to come home soon

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