Moving Right Along

It’s been a while since I’ve updates this blog. At this rate I’m getting barely one post per month. Life has needless to say been crazy. So let’s try to wrap it up.

This month had a lot of focus on where the organization is going, and what each employee’s role will be in that future. The group began this strategic planning process with a one day event in Jamestown where we did the DISC personality training, and continued with a three day strategic planning trip to Minneapolis. I believe this process is critical to the future of the organization. The staff did intense work, brainstorming, problem solving and critical thinking. It was a lot of work, but left feeling excited about what’s to come. Here are a few pics.


As planting season gears up and the busy time starts for farmers, NDFU focuses energies on what the future will bring, trying to be proactive about issues and concerns that we have heard from our grassroots all winter. It’s probably the hardest part of work for me, because I so enjoy traveling across the state and meeting people, rather than sitting in a board room and discussing plans. However, this planning was a lot better than I anticipated, group discussion and problem solving, left me feeling part of the team.

Other parts of April that were pretty great for NDFU. NDFU is a sponsor of the 2.0 events that ND Rural Development has been putting on in rural communities across ND. I got a chance to attend the capstone event, what a great opportunity. The hosts of Planet Money on NPR were incredibly insightful about how to deal with an oil boom. If only they had been here about 5-10 years ago and offered their advice then, as the number one tip was “Go slow, you’re going to get all of the oil” I thought that was great. They also talked about saving funds, while investing in children. Great concept. Here’s a picture of the event.


While most membership events slow down, youth events tend to pick up. Now that’s not typically my department in the organization. However, I just happen to be in the right place, at the right time for this event. My mom is the new Emmons County Youth Director and she was hosting a skating event in Herreid. Now the person who was suppose to help her fell ill, so I decided to come home, calm her nerves and assist where I could. Needless to say, Mom did a great job, she a natural at these sorts of events, and my dad came down and visited with the crowd. Dad’s been a teacher in Linton for over 10 years and knows just about everyone. The event turned into a huge success in a large part to the rainy day outside, over 50 people attended. My mom just naturally took that role and ran with it, I’m very excited for her. She’s going to be a great youth director, and has a direct in with the school, my dad!

Now I’m going to show a picture of the event, and the girl in the yellow shirt is someone I  knew from my teenage years in Herreid. Her uncle John and I were in the same class, and when I left she was probably 4. Now she’s taller than I am and much older than she used to be. Ahh the reality that I’m not as young as I used to be, time flies so quickly.

NDFU also had a group of farmers and ranchers go on the fly-in. The group included two of the TAG state board members, Adam and Jen. From what I hear they had a great time, which makes me super happy. Adam and Jen work very hard for the organization and deserved a good time trip. Now it wasn’t all play, they did lobbying on the hill for farmers, ranchers and rural communities, mainly focusing on the need to pass a farm bill in 2012. They were also there as the Discovery space shuttle came to the Air and Space Museum, and board member Wes Neiderman snapped this photo. How cool to be a part of history!


So at NDFU while things pick up for farmers and ranchers, we are moving right along. We are taking all gathered info and compiling into a plan for the future, starting with Measure 2 events near you. A plan to be proactive, a plan to ignite grassroots efforts, and a plan centered around you. While it might not be anytime soon, I’ll see you on the road!



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  1. So, I am thinking that I should have grabbed some of those pictures and dropped a few at the Emmons County Record for a press release for the upcoming event of Day Camp. Yikes, you did send them to me. I think I have a job to do tonight. Thanks for the inclusion, and was it really raining that day? I guess I forgot about the morning, I only remember the clean up part. Thanks again for your help.

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