The NDFU camping season is in full swing, with the first senior camp starting today and the first junior camp started yesterday! It’s time to rock and roll. Now I never had the chance to attend camp or be a summer staff member. My fond memories of camp lie at Pilgrim Park on Lake Metigoshe which was where our church camp was held. However, for many children and young adults their heart is filled with Heart Butte and NDFU!

I had the sheer pleasure of teaching DDC last week out at camp. Ok teaching DDC is never really fun, but working with the summer staff certainly is and hearing their ideas about membership was a blast! They came up with brilliant ideas on how to stay involved once this chapter of being a summer staff member is over.

At NDFU camp, you learn leadership skills such as cooperation and team work. That comes from the summer staff all the way down. This year’s staff have mastered this cup game that counts on the timing and cooperation of everyone in the circle, it’s very neat to watch. I could tell just by observing this game, these are great leaders for the campers.

At NDFU camp you make new friends, often people who you will know your entire life.  Raja came with me, and she certainly made a few friends.

Parents, the camp is filled with day long activities, and evenings filled with dance themes and campfire stories. So after having a week full of many activities your kids will come home completely exhausted. I know my four legged daughter was wiped out even before we left camp.

And when you ask your kids if they want to go back the next year their face will look like this.

So hopefully your child gets the chance and opportunity that I never did. While we all become grown ups some day, being a kid at summer camp is a precious gift to cherish along the way. Have a great summer campers and summer staff!


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  1. Great camp promotion, and I sure love the look on that face. I hope he enjoys Farmers Union camp in his day. I promise this grandma-mamma will do her best to sponsor his trip.

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