Summer “Work” Vacation

So in my job I have the sheer pleasure of traveling across North Dakota, and sometimes to places beyond. For the past two weeks I have been away, and when I got home to see my puppy after 10 days of being gone, she was at the very least thrilled to have me back and be heading home. I was thrilled to shave my legs, shower in my shower and sleep in my own bed. However, the adventures are always fun, and make you thankful to live in such a wonderful place that has air-conditioning and internet.

The first of my adventures was with a group of farmers/ranchers to Minneapolis for our TAG training group. We did a training at the NDFU state office, and then got on a bus heading east. We had a fun weekend, all went to the Twins game on Friday night. Then Sat. we hit the Mall of America and Valley Fair. The evening was spent at a German restaurant, with wild entertainment and celebrating Jana and Shane Tellman’s anniversary.

Val and me at Valley Fair

Most of the crew toasting to fun

I sure had a fun weekend. It’s easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of life and just move from one task to the next, taking time to hang out and have quality time with the farmers and ranchers that make this organization so great I think is the most important part of working for NDFU.

After a brief day at home I was on the road again, except this time heading to the wild wild west. And oh what a time it was!

12 NDFU women from Bowman to Cavalier flew to Bailey Colorado to experience camp, for most of us it was the first time in many years. The weather was very hot, but the company incredible. Great friendships were formed, and a bond was created. We will forever be the Bailey Cougars!

The NDFU crew at the airport, we’re ready to rumble 🙂

Upon arrival we immediately began the fun.

The walking group on the first day

We did many activities throughout the weekend, some including work.

Focus group with Undersecretary Rebecca Blue

Undersecretary of Agriculture Rebecca Blue and me, she used to work for Earl and is from South Dakota. Great to see successful young women in Ag!

NDFU group with NFU President Roger Johnson, who is from ND!

NFU President Roger Johnson and me at camp.

But the best parts included play. Parts that involved Joy’s infectious laugh and “Someone’s” phobia of people touching her “luggage items”. Play may have included some trips to town to check out the nightlife and local watering hole :).

Nothing beat this skit written by Joy.

It wouldn’t be camp without underwear up the flagpole.

What are you walking to town to get?

Together  we reached new heights, some were a little more willing than others. However, as a team we made it!

The daredevil Rhonda

The NDFU women reached new heights!

Check out the beautiful view from the top

All in all, we made friends that will be an incredible support system as we all take on new leadership roles, and will forever be known as the Bailey Cougars!

The entire group, what a bond we created.

The North Dakota group

Thanks everyone for a great weekend. I look forward to seeing everything this amazing group of women has before them, let’s all stay in touch.


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