Big Iron 2012

I attended my 4th consecutive Big Iron this week. The event is always an adventure. People from every corner come out to check out the field demonstrations, listen to speakers and of course pack their free bag full of free pens, notepads, can coozies and we even had eye glasses cleaners.

I got there about a half an hour before the show started, and people were already at the booth. No shocker farmers are early risers.  I got a chance to visit with some friends that I otherwise don’t get to see often. The broadcasters at the Red River Farm Network, the Udby brothers from Walsh county and even my dear friend Pam Gulleson stopped by the booth to visit.

So stop by today if you’re at Big Iron. NDFU is in the Ag building, you never know you may win an iPad! It’s always fun to reconnect and get back to the roots of agriculture and this event does that. Thanks for the stoppers, and I’ll see you on the road.


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  1. Wish I were there. That was the subjunctive mood of the verb by the way. Maybe next year I can be there, something different for a change.

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